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Under Southern Skies: An Exalted Chronicle's Journal
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Monday, November 13th, 2006
12:27 pm
Missive from Thousand Clever Whispers
Honored Elders,

The rumors we have heard are true. The Chosen of the Unconquered Sun again walk Creation. I have seen them. I have spoken with them. I have witnessed their might.

We must take heed.

The Terretrial Court of the Eight Hills is broken, razed by an attack of infernal origin. Of the Court's original Council, only Subrihan Wind-Tiger, God-General of Asherta and myself survive intact. The others of the Council are undone and even now lick their wounds in their Sanctums. The Gods of the region are now in chaos and, at the heart of this chaos, is a newly reborn Circle of Solar Exalted.

I am unclear on how to proceed. While Subrihan is now indebted to me for formally challenging the ridiculous claim of the Hircine Hoplomoch to my role in the Court of the Eight Hills as patron of the Raiton-folk, what has transpired since greatly troubles me. I believe that the growing power of the Hircine Hoplomoch, who should be nothing but a Little God in these parts, is the result of outside influence. In addition to summoning Malfean troops to lay waste to the Gods of the Eight Hills Court, an unknown assailant also used a long-forgotten toxin called 'Eclipse Tide Venom' to poison the Solars.

I suspect another of the Chosen works from hiding to manipulate these events, for only one of the Exalted would have both knowledge of ancient venoms and the power to summon demons in numbers. He is cunning to manipulate such events. But, then again, so am I.

It is my intention to find the one responsible for these events. To this end, I now ingratiate myself with the Solars and their Terrestrial servant. I watch them closely, as I watch Subrihan and the other Gods. The master of these plans is a threat to Creation and the Silver Pact. Wherever he hides, he cannot long escape Luna's gaze and, when he missteps, I will unmake him.

As it was, as it is, as it always shall be ... those who traffic with demons shall be sent to dwell among them.

I request your leave to continue pursuing this matter.

May Your Revered Eyes Shine with Luna's Wisdom Always

Your servant and messenger,

Thousand Clever Whispers
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